Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

FUE is minimally-invasive and involves harvesting follicular units through small punch grafts. Extracted follicles are then transplanted into the balding areas. The process can be a very long with proper diligence in selecting appropriate donor grafts.


At the start of the procedure the donor area of the scalp is shaved and locally anestheticized. The follicular unit grafts are then extracted individually, using a 0.6mm to 1mm 'punch' lesions. Each follicular unit contains 1-4 hairs.
After careful extraction of the necessary number of grafts and preparation, the surgeon will make "micro-incisions" in the recipient area of the scalp, and the individual grafts be re-implanted. The restoration of natural-looking hair requires attention to pre-determined density and orientation of the implanted follices.
In comparison to FUT (follicular unit transplantation) there is no need to suture or repair any portion of the scalp. This leaves the entire scalp free of any scars.
Again, FUE requires only a local anaesthetic and is almost completely pain-free, but it is significantly more time-consuming than FUT. A typical FUE treatment would require extracting up to 2,000 grafts and might take 6-8 hours.
The transplanted hairs will begin slow growth after surgery with noticeable differences around 2-6 months. They will continue to grow for permanency.

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