More and more people across Princeton, New Jersey and the rest of the country are turning to laser hair treatment. You can try it for yourself at Hair Transplant of Princeton. Our laser hair growth treatments are ideal for those who are just beginning to lose their hair. No matter your gender, you can stop your hair loss and start growing thick, luscious locks.

So, how does it work? Your scalp will be treated with low level laser lights to stimulate hair follicles and induce growth. We use top-of-the-line equipment from Kiierr-a renowned laser hair growth brand.

Don't wait until more of your hair is gone-make an appointment with Hair Transplant of Princeton today.

Stop hair loss while growing new hair

If you want the full head of hair you had years ago, you’ll need a multi-action solution. Our laser hair treatment is designed to:

Stop hair loss in its tracks
Stimulate healthy follicles
Cause hair regrowth

Explore the laser hair treatment options now by calling 973-304-5230.