Better hair begins with a balanced body!

While genetics are a key factor in hair loss, our bodies are also influenced by stress, diet, hormones, allergens and more. A customized solution to any type of hair loss requires attention to these external factors within our control.

Nutritional deficiencies and hormones, such as DHT can affect growth cycles resulting in premature hair loss. As such, it is critical to build a healthy and favorable environment of a protein-rich diet, nutrients and vitamins to help stop hair loss and even promote new hair growth.

This is true for all of our clients at Hair Transplant of Princeton, whether they are at the very early stages of hair loss, or have already completed treatments. We customize our treatment plans to not only restore natural-looking hair, but also to maintain successful results.

To learn more information about the products we recommend and to develop a comprehensive plan for hair loss treatment, schedule your consultation today with Hair Transplant of Princeton.